What it means to FREEDOM HARD
Freedom Hard was established in 2017 and proudly thrives on supporters of patriotism and pride of the country.

Founder and Owner, Chris White, is an United States Marine Corps Veteran, whose mission is to instill and spread the same power of pride and patriotism that our founding fathers had when laying the fabric for this great nation.

After spending over 8 years in Corporate America, Chris White saw a need to support and unify our country; not only in the Veteran Community, but in the Civilian Community as well, and as a result, Freedom Hard the Lifestyle Brand was born.

Freedom Hard develops and markets products that represent rooted patriotism and simple American values that all backgrounds can identify with and proudly support.

Through humor, non-profit partnerships, and awareness campaigns, the goal of Freedom Hard, is to unify this nation's people, stand together as one, and support our everyday freedoms that were fought so hard for, in the past and now.
Chris White’s motto: “It’s not if you FREEDOM, but how HARD.”