Patriotic Candles

Patriotic Candles

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Patriotic Candle: Support the troops, honor the flag, love America and its freedoms with the distinctive, irresistible scent of crispy bacon!

All products are made with 100% soy wax, cotton wicks (lead free), and scented with essential oils to ensure a long lasting, fragrant product.

16 oz Jar: Burns approximately 100-120 hours

8 oz Jar: Burns approximately 50-70 hours

6.5 oz Jar: Burns approximately 45-55 hours

8.0 oz Tin: Burns approximately 50-70 hours

Wax Melts: Pack of 6 cubes and holds approximately 2.75 oz of wax total

Tea Lights: Pack of 12 and holds approximately .5 oz of wax each. Made with UL approved flame-retardant plastic

Votives: Pack of 3 and holds approximately 2 oz of wax each

Burn times are approximated and depend on the conditions around which each candle is burning. To break it down Barney Style: a candle burning indoor will last longer than a candle burning outdoors in high wind.