Freedom Hard Patriotic Red White and Blue Coolers

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FREEDOM HARD RED WHITE AND BLUE - The new cool for your favorite beverages!


Freedom Hard Coolers 

Freedom Hard has partnered with the ORIGINAL premium rotomolded polyethylene ice cooler that set the standard for superior cooling an ice retention when first introduced in the USA in 1998.

Product Features

  • Available in a wide range of sizes from 25 quarts up to a massive 1100 quarts.
  • Produced in Cube and Long Box styles with a selection of up to 18 colors and 20 sizes in various combinations, more sizes and colors than any other cooler brand on the market.
  • 100% Grade A rotomolded polyethylene exterior and interior, which is FDA approved, non-staining, non-odor absorbing and impact resistant.
  • Premium polyurethane foam injuected under pressure into the wall and lid cavities during manufacturing providing superior insulation and ice retention.
  • Hand-assembled units versus other one piece rotomolded coolers.  This unique manufacturing process, which has been utilized since the product was first introduced over 18 years ago, reduces overall weight and results in coolers being 10%-20% lighter than many competitive products and does not affect durability, cooling properties, or the associated ice cost savings.
  • Lids are double insulated to give added heat and cold retention and rigidity.
  • Heavy duty self-stopping lid hinges and lock mounts for added security.
  • Industry leading Southco silicone rubber latches and neoprene foam compression gasket seal lid to body.
  • Both Cube and Long Box configurations have molded side handles and Long boxes also have rope handles for ease of carrying.
  • Keeps contents chilled for up to 10 days.  The 120QT Super Insulated Cube Box is rated to keep its contents chilled for an average of 9 days at exterior temperatures of 90F when correctly prepared and filled.

Freedom Hard coolers come with a 5 year manufacturing defect warranty.

Shipping included for orders in the continental United States!

A portion of the proceeds from every Freedom Hard Red, White, and Blue cooler sold will be donated to the HALO for FREEDOM Warrior FOUNDATION.  More information on this awesome organization can be found at